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Corrieanne Stein is an AEA and SAG-

AFTRA actress based in New York 

City and Washington, D.C. Corrieanne 

has been a professional actress since 

age nine, appearing in Broadway, international, and regional productions. 


Recently, Corrieanne has given passionate voice to women’s issues. Last December she made her Off-Broadway debut in the Equity Showcase’s #METOO Plays, portraying Hollywood’s long legacy of sexual misconduct. 


Earlier this season, she performed a reading of Carol Hollenbeck's one-act play "Back Room at the Bar,” which addressed a 1950s sexual assault.


And this summer she will perform in the NYC premiere of "Faith in Shackles” at the Summerfest Theater Festival. In this powerful play, history’s most maligned female figures stand trial before humanity for their misdeeds. But are they really as wicked as history remembers?


Corrieanne is honored to share these critical stories with New York audiences.


  C                                                    CORRIEANNE STEIN                       

                                                                  AEA & SAG-AFTRA
 VOCAL RANGE: Hi Belt, Mezzo     HEIGHT: 5’4” HAIR: Strawberry Blonde         EYE COLOR: Blue                                                                       


Billy Elliot the Musical (Orig. Cast)            Margaret Gormley                 Imperial Theater                    Stephen Daldry (Dir.)

#METOO PLAYS                                               Lyn                                         Alternative Theatre Co.            Daniel Capalbo (Dir.)
Faith in Shackles                                            Ruler                                          Summerfest Theater Fest.      Liz Carlin (Dir.)

Alice In Wonderland                                     White Rabbit                              Beaches Turks & Caicos         Alan Kinsella (Dir.)
Jungle Book                                                    Raksha                                       Beaches Turks & Caicos         Alan Kinsella (Dir.)
Dolce Vita                                                        Maria                                         Beaches Turks & Caicos         Alan Kinsella (Dir.)
Treasure Island                                              Ma Hawkins                             Beaches Turks & Caicos         Alan Kinsella (Dir.)

Over the Tavern                                              Annie Pazinski                           Olney Theater Ctr.                 John Going (Dir.)
Saving Aimee (Scandalous)                        Roberta                                        Signature Theatre                 Eric Schaeffer (Dir.)

She Kills Monsters                                        Fighter                                         Rider University                    Trent Blanton (Dir.)
The Penelopiad                                            Understudy                                  Rider University                    Trent Blanton (Dir.)

How I Got My Equity Card                         Vocalist                                      The Duplex                               The Benanti Group (Prod.)
Eisenhower Theater 35th Ann.                  Vocalist                                      The Kennedy Center                Robert Pullen (Prod.)
VOICEOVER Fallout 3                                   Betty                                          Bethesda Game Studios        Bethesda Softworks (Prod.)
TRAINING: BFA Musical Theater – Rider University Acting – The Globe Theater: London, England / On-Camera – Tom Logan / Private Coaching – Carl Randolph  Singing – Linda Baker Grimm / Peabody Preparatory / Brevard Music Center Stage Combat – Ian Rose SPECIAL SKILLS: IPA Proficient / Acapella & Harmony Training / Stage Combat / Krav Maga Proficient 

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Agent – Carson-Adler Agency (Shirley Faison)

​Tel:212-307-1882 ext. 203 

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